January Book Of The Month

book month logo I decided to kick off the new year with a classic entitled, Mastering the Instructional Design Process.  


First published in 1992, the book provides a step-by-step guide through all aspects of the instructional design process. Written by William J. Rothwell and H.C. Kazanas, the fourth edition provides the most current information and changes of the instructional design profession. the authors explain, “The book identifies the core competencies o the International Board of Standards of Performance and Instruction (IBSTPI). The book identifies the core competencies o instructional system design and presents them in a way that helps to develop these competencies and apply them successfully in the real world.”

I look forward to reading this book and can’t wait to discuss it with you next month!

Planning Your 2015 Professional Goals

heading goalsThe Beginning of the new year is often the time that people set up personal goals. But how many of us use this time to think about our own professional development? I for one is guilty as charged. It seems that I spend so much of my own time preparing for trainings and managing a training department that I spend little time in venturing out to read new developments in the field and attend conferences as I had in the past. Although time-consuming, taking the time to learn and network with other training and development professionals, allows us to grow and stretch our ways of thinking. I decided this year, I will set the goal of reading 52 professionals books for the year which breaks down to reading a book a week and 40 pages a day. I . The areas that I have chosen include instructional design, training and performance, social research, inspirational, management and leadership. Some of the books on my list will be included in this year’s book of the month.

My second goal for the year is to apply for the Certified Performance Technologist Certification (CPT) through the International Society for Performance Improvement. There, I said It! so I really have to make the commitment!

There are a number of different ways to improve, develop and grow in our industry including, attending conferences, seminars, joining professional organizations, reading professional books, journals or articles, etc. So what are you plans for 2015?

To help get you started, I created a professional goal worksheet which you can download goal planning worksheet

goal setting photo

What goals will you be working on this year? I love to hear from you.


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Book of the Month

book month logo

As workplace learning and development professionals, we spend most of our time improving the performance levels of employees and organizations. However, in order for us to stay current on the latest trends and resources we must continue to read and study on a regular basis.

It is for this reason that I created a book of the month club. each month I will introduce a workplace learning or performance book to read and discuss. A new book will be introduced the fourth Wednesday of each month. During the third Wednesday of each month, I will write a review and hope you join me in sharing your thoughts and opinions on each book. I will also include in future readings books that are both motivational and inspirational.

The first book that I have chosen is the Trainer’s Handbook. trainers handbook2 It is a great book to start with since it serves as a comprehensive book on a variety of training topics which could benefit both new and seasoned workplace learning professionals. This book can be found on Amazon.com. Here is a description of the book on Amazon.com:

The Trainer’s Handbook walks readers step by step through the training process and contains tips on assessing the needs of participants. Keeping training learner-centered, incorporating activities into training, selecting audiovisual aids, and closing sessions creatively. As practical as it is instructive, the guide is filled with worksheets, checklists, and assessments.

I am ready to start reading, How about you?


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