Using a Facilitator’s Checklist

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According to Merriam-Webster, a facilitator is defined as, one that helps to bring about an outcome by providing indirect or unobtrusive guidance.

In the learning and development world, facilitating is often used as a way to move a discussion and allow the participant to have more control over their own learning. Although often interchanged with “training”, a facilitator generally serves the role of providing leadership, structure and feedback to the group. Facilitation often occurs during high level training such as teambuilding and strategic planning.

The key to any effective facilitation is to move the discussion both efficiently and effective. I created a “cheat sheet” that will help you to stay on track during the facilitation process.

Key Points to Remember

  • Make sure you are the first one to arrive
  • Maintain a high energy level
  • Summarize. Summarize. Summarize.

facilitator checklist

facilitation checklist



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