How to Print on Post It Notes


Okay. I will admit it. I am a post it note junkie! I buy post it notes every time I walk into a store that sells them. No color, shape or size is safe from my clutches! Long gone are the days when post it notes were used for taking messages and writing down information.As a learning and development trainer, I use post it notes not only in my training as part of a learning activity, but also in organizing my own ideas in creating a lesson plan or a training event.

Through the magic of pinterest, I discovered ways to print on post it notes that I would like to share with you.

  • Using a 3×3 post it note on word 2007, I created a post it note template which you may download the post it note here. I decided to use the printed post it notes as part as a post evaluation activity.  The questions I printed on the post it notes are:
  1.  List five things you learned today.
  2. Describe ways to prevent conflict in the workplace.
  3. Explain how you will apply what you learned today in sensitivity training.
  4. Explain ways you will prevent abuse.
  5. Describe ways you will encourage choice making.
  6. Further questions I have.
  • Once I created the template, I did a save as and labeled it blank


  • Using the same template, I did a save as and labeled it words. I then created words to print on the post it notes.


Once completed, I placed post it notes on each of the templates,


  • My first try the post it  notes crumpled through the printer.DSCF0751[1]
  • I also noticed the words on the post it notes were not aligned on the left side so  I taped the back of the post it notes to the paper and I then measured the distance  from template and tried again and viola!!
  • DSCF0824[1]

If you are not as obsessed with post it notes as I am, you can use the printed template to make copies to cut out and use.

So, what do you think? I love to hear from you.














April 20014 Article Links

Every month, I gather articles and postings that I tweet as an added resource on information that focuses on workforce issues, training and performance and mobile learning.


Abilities Expo

On Saturday, I attended the Abilities Expo in New Jersey. As a learning and development professional, it is always exciting to attend events where I am able to connect with others and learn something new that I will be able to share with others.

One of the booths that caught my eye, was the New Jersey  Disability Rights, a federally funded non-profit organization that advocates for people with disabilities in New Jersey by promoting public awareness, and providing education, and technical assistance.

As a conference/expo attendee, I tried to only pick up information which I felt I could be incorporate in my trainings and blog. For instance, I noticed a bulletin on assistive technology for persons with low vision. As a trainer on developmental disabilities topics, I though it might be useful to incorporate some of the information in the bulletin on the devices that are available for reading, using a computer and daily living activities.



The ARC of New Jersey, an affiliation of the ARC of the United States, displayed some literature on many of their programs including, a Criminal Justice Advocacy Program, designed to help the courts and corrections system to work with people with development disabilities and a family advocacy program, which helps families with of individuals with developmental disabilities help navigate the system.





Overall, I had an inspiring day in meeting new people, and learning something new in the process.

Abilities Expo


The Abilities Expo will appear at the Raritan Center in Edison, New Jersey this weekend.

This free expo brings products and services for people with disabilities, families and healthcare professionals. The expo also includes a presentation on martial arts therapy and the walk and roll dance team. The New Jersey Assistive Technology Center will sponsor the assistive technology showcase which includes using smart phones, ipads, and kindles for cognitive and sensory impairments.

The hours for the expo will be:

Fri, May 2: 11am-5pm

Sat, May 3: 11am-5pm

Sun, May 4: 11am-5pm


New Jersey Convention & Expo Center

@ Raritan Center97, Sanfield Avenue, Edison, NJ

Click here for directions.  For more information, click here.

Future Abilities Expos:

Chicago: June 27-29

Houston: July 25-27

Boston: Sept. 5-7

Bay Area: Nov. 21-23