About Cathy

Hi, I’m Cathy Cousear and I write the Staff Trainer’s Blog to provide tools, resources and training information to anyone that provides training, workplace learning and performance improvement in the caring industry. This blog grew out of my own frustration on the lack of training tools that were available on training employees in the helping profession.

Professional Experience

  • 28 years working in the human service industry.
  • 18 years of presenting at conferences at the local, state and national level
  • Interviewed on several radio stations on the topic of job burnout and stress among human service professionals.
  • Currently the Training Director for a small non-profit organization.
  •  My interest includes needs assessment, evaluation, instructional design, train-the- trainer, generations in the workplace and supervisory and management trainings.

Also, if you would like to expand your personal network, connect with me on twitter (@stafftrainblog). I tweet links to good resources and articles on a daily basis.

I am passionate about anything that has to do with learning. and enjoy engaging with others on different topics.

You can connect with me by subscribing to this blog, leaving a comment or connecting to me on LinkedIn. I hope you enjoy this blog and contribute through your readership, questions and comments. You may also reach me through my email: stafftrainer3@gmail.com




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